Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas Kitchen Remodel

My sister and I decided for Christmas this year we wanted to remodel our mother's kitchen for them.  It was a fun process.  We painted the walls grey (actually April did that because I hate painting as ironic as that sounds).  We put up a glass mosaic back-splash that was my main job.  We rearranged and redecorated.  We changed out all the knobs on the cabinets and bought stainless steel wall plug covers.  Painted the table and chairs black and painted the ladder that runs around the top of the cabinets black.  Finally, we made curtains for the windows.  Unfortunately we forgot to take before pictures, but here are the after pictures.  
 Back splash
 This picture was before the black table was finished
 Still a few things left to do.

 The fabric I bought to make the curtains.
 Finished products
 Finally with the black ladder and knobs on.
I will post better pictures later.  We did this all in two days and our mom and dad were so happy with the finished product.


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